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Coordination Chemistry Fundamentals

In collaboration with the Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry (JSCC), this series provides a comprehensive pedagogic treatment of all the major coordination chemistry topics students will encounter during their undergraduate and graduate chemistry degrees. These are English translations of proven teaching tools written and delivered by JSCC.

Series DOI: 10.1039/2635-1501; Print ISSN: 2635-1498; Electronic ISSN: 2635-1498

Series Editors
Makoto Fujita; The University of Tokyo, Japan
Naohito Ishikawa; Osaka University, Japan
Osamu Ishitani; Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Hiroshi Nakazawa; Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan
Hiroki Oshio; The University of Tsukuba, Japan
Toshio Yamaguchi; Fukuoka University, Japan
Hideki Masuda; The Nagoya Institute of Technology and Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan
Special Collection Image
Doi: 10.1039/9781839164200
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