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Biomaterials Science Series

Addressing the hottest topics in biomaterials science, these authoritative texts provide in-depth overviews and analysis for graduates, academics and practitioners requiring a deeper understanding of the subject. Emphasising a physical science and engineering approach, titles address physicochemical properties and structure-property relationships to inform function and design. Capturing underpinning principles applied to biomaterials science, as well as emerging technological advances and applications, this series is a high quality resource for those studying and conducting research in biomaterials science and engineering.

Series DOI: 10.1039/2397-141X; Print ISSN: 2397-1401; Electronic ISSN: 2397-141X

Julian Jones; Imperial College London, UK

Series Editors
Changyou Gao; Zhejiang University, China
Cole DeForest; University of Washington, USA
Special Collection Image
John W Nicholson
Akon Higuchi
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