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Issues in Toxicology

The field of toxicological research is continually expanding and diversifying, driven by the need to understand the human and ecological risks of exposure to chemicals and other toxicants. This series is devoted to coverage of modern toxicology and assessment of risk. Written by expert scientists from academia, government and industry, each book will serve as a guide to investigations in toxicology, biomedicine, biochemistry, forensics and environmental and pollution sciences.

Series DOI: 10.1039/1757-7187; Print ISSN: 1757-7179; Electronic ISSN: 1757-7179

Diana Anderson; University of Bradford, UK

Series Editors
Alok Dhawan; Centre of Biomedical Research, Lucknow, India
Tim Marrs; Edentox Associates, UK
Michael D. Waters; Integrated Laboratory Systems (ILS) Inc., USA

Series Advisor
Khaled Habas; University of Bradford, UK
Special Collection Image
Doi: 10.1039/9781782623687
Doi: 10.1039/9781788013604
Doi: 10.1039/9781788010573
Luoping Zhang
Doi: 10.1039/9781788010269
Doi: 10.1039/9781782623656
Doi: 10.1039/9781782628071
Doi: 10.1039/9781782622222
Doi: 10.1039/9781847552518
Doi: 10.1039/9781782622574
Doi: 10.1039/9781847558428
Ovanes Mekenyan
Doi: 10.1039/9781849732093
Doi: 10.1039/9781847558336
Doi: 10.1039/9781847559746
Doi: 10.1039/9781839160738
Doi: 10.1039/9781782622895
Doi: 10.1039/9781782622888
Doi: 10.1039/9781782626787
Doi: 10.1039/9781782624059
Doi: 10.1039/9781782623731
Doi: 10.1039/9781839166495
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