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Chemistry Student Guides

Addressing a challenging concept in undergraduate chemistry, each book in the Chemistry Student Guides series aims for the reader to achieve a ‘light bulb’ moment. Once a concept is understood, the reader will no longer need to use rote memorisation techniques, but instead will have the confidence to see how the learning can be applied across a range of problems, in order to obtain the correct answers. Each book receives student input so it targets exactly where students struggle. Essential student involvement, combined with high editorial engagement from the Board, means that each title is closely tuned to audience needs. The books can be used as a supplement or alternative to core textbooks, and will also work well as a revision tool during exam time.

Series DOI: 10.1039/2632-9875; Print ISSN: 2632-9867; Electronic ISSN: 2632-9875

Julie Macpherson; University of Warwick, UK

Advisory Editor
Callum Crockford; University of Warwick, UK

Series Advisers
Simon Humphrey; University of Texas at Austin, USA
Paul Taylor; University of Leeds, UK
Matthew Taylor; University of Warwick, UK
Daniela Plana; University of Keele, UK
Special Collection Image
Andrew Clark; Russ Kitson; Nimesh Mistry; Paul Taylor; Matthew Taylor; Michael Lloyd; Caroline Akamune
Fiona Dickinson; Andrew McKinley
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