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This chapter shows the most important achievements in the area compounds containing three P–O bonds (phosphates), two P–O and one P–C bonds (phosphonates) as well as one P–O and two P–C bonds (phosphinates) in addition to the phosphoryl group P=O. Each of the main sections has been divided in the same way, covering synthesis, reactions and biological aspects. In all three sections, there has been good coverage of the traditional subjects like new reagents, new methods of synthesis, total syntheses, stereocontrolled syntheses proceeding with good diastereoselectivities and enantioselectivities. Practical aspects of phosphorus chemistry has been realized by analysis of biological and medicinal applications of active compounds.

In this year, a subsection concerning use of chiral phosphoric acids as catalysts in various chemical reactions, introduced in 2009 for the first time, has been maintained and expanded with new categories due to further, rapid progress in this area. In the subsection: reactions of phosphoric acids and their derivatives, total syntheses of valuable, biologically active compounds have been presented in the literature of the review period too.

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