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The combination of natural and synthetic biomaterials leads to the formation of advanced Drug Delivery nano Systems (aDDnSs). The aDDnSs can be classified as hybridic (hy‐) or chimeric (chi‐) based on the nature – same or different respectively ‐ of biomaterials used. Such advanced bio complexes can alter the pharmacokinetic properties of the encapsulated drug and consequently its effectiveness. Numerous studies regarding the usage of natural or synthetic biomaterials as drug carriers have been performed, while only few studies concerning the combination of different kinds of biomaterials have been published. Carriers produced by the combination of liposomes and dendrimers were recently characterized as chi‐aDDnSs belonging to the class of Modulatory Liposomal Controlled Released Systems (MLCRSs) where the polymeric or the dendritic component act as modulator of the drug's release from the carrier. A small but significant number of studies have begun to shed light on the interactions between the components of the bio complexes that seem to be of utmost importance for the pharmacological effectiveness of the final formulation. This review deals with the categorization of the aDDnSs, the nature of the interacting forces between them and their potential biomedical applications.

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