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New developments with respect to bionanoparticles and bionanoparticle hybrid systems and their use in composite materials have become increasingly important. The recognition of the particle character and behavior of proteins and protein-based particles has a major impact on the development of novel nanoparticle systems and materials, adding new functions and possibilities. The types of particles and systems discussed here span the full spectrum required to achieve a final functional system or develop novel and interesting applications:

Part I: Design and synthesis of bionanoparticles and biohybrid structures (Chapters 1–4)

Part II: Bionanoparticle behavior in solution and at interfaces (Chapters 5–7)

Part III: Bionanoparticle functional materials and systems (Chapters 8–11)

The approaches considered relate to current developments but are not exhaustive. They represent the general approaches taken to redesign proteins and protein-based particles and to utilize their assembly behavior and physical properties both in solution and at various interfaces. These approaches permit the newly developed protein-based biohybrid materials to be used in novel functional systems and applications.

Nature is a continuous source of inspiration and this includes using proteins and protein-based systems as presented in this book. The newly formed bionanoparticles behave differently from the native species and the newly added properties and assembly/adsorption behavior give access to new functional materials, not only in (bio)medical and biotechnological applications but also in electronic devices and possibly membrane technology. Although a large variety of systems have already been developed, many more remain to be discovered: significant advances are expected when more (sub-)disciplines in chemical and biological science are combined. In Bio-Synthetic Hybrid Materials and Bionanoparticles, this interdisciplinarity is embraced and exploited, stressing that combined efforts are needed for the advancement of bio-based and biohybrid (nano)materials.

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