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Over the last few years an enormous amount of research has been focused on the design of novel natural or synthetic cationic polymers with desired biological functionalities. The translation of these bench-side discoveries on cationic polymers into clinical practice is the demand of time. However, research on the integration of cationic polymers and their clinical utility is being considered as one of the major breakthroughs of the 21st century. There are several outstanding journal publications highlighting the major achievements made in the research and development of cationic polymers for therapeutics. Despite this fact, we felt there was a need for a comprehensive book that brings together expert authors to share their research and vision on recent advancements of cationic polymers in regenerative medicine. The book comprises 22 meticulously reviewed chapters on the technological and chemical approaches on cationic polymeric systems and their corresponding applications. Hereby, we also take the opportunity to express our thankfulness to all the authors. A noteworthy word of appreciation also goes for the esteemed reviewers who provided their input in impartial reviewing of the high quality contributions. The authors and reviewers have been highly cooperative in respecting the time schedules related to submissions in spite of their busy schedules. We are also thankful to the outstanding administrative and organizational support offered by the Royal Society of Chemistry staff, in particular Dr Leanne Marle, commissioning editor. Thanks also goes to Mrs Alice Toby-Brant, commissioning administrator, for continuous editorial support. My colleague Dr Mamoni Dash is acknowledged too. We sincerely hope that this book will be interesting for a broad spectrum of readers, including academicians, medicinal professionals, biomaterial scientists, and others of a related industrial audience with research and developmental activities. We are confident that the vision provided by the authors on cationic polymers will provide stimulation towards further research activities and use of cationic polymers in regenerative medicine.

Sangram Keshari Samal

Peter Dubruel

Ghent University

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