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This Chapter summarizes the recent impact that the use of N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligands in the field of Ni- and Pt-mediated processes.

This family of ligands have allowed for the development of novel nickel-based catalysts of increased reactivity and selectivity compared to previous Ni-phosphine reagents. These NHC–Ni reagents are active in hydrogenation, hydrogen transfer properties and C–S or C–F bond activation. Conversely, they efficiently catalyze arythiolation, hydrothiolation and cross-coupling reactions as well as different cross-couplings, cycloadditions of alkynes or isomerization of vinylcyclopropanes.

On the other hand, NHC–Pt analogues have been less studied for catalytic applications. Regioselective and/or asymmetric hydroboration as well as hydrosilylation constitute the two most areas of research for these species.

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