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The icosahedral ‘golden fullerene’ WAu12 reproduced by permission of Pekka Pyykkö, Chemistry Department, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Michael SpringborgJan-Ole Joswig

Michele CascellaStefano Vanni

Alexey I. BaranovRobert PonecMiroslav Kohout

Jean Christophe Tremblay

Mathieu Salanne

Luciana GuimarãesMaicon P. LourençoHélio A. Duarte

Xin-Chao XuPengfei TianYong CaoJing XuYi-Fan Han

Qiang ZhuArtem R. OganovQingfeng ZengXiangfeng Zhou

Jijun ZhaoXiaoming HuangRuili ShiLingli TangYan SuLinwei Sai

Doreen Mollenhauer

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