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This chapter deals with the topic phosphazenes which are compounds containing the ‘PN’ motif. Compounds containing such motifs can be acyclic, cyclic or polymeric. Accordingly, the subject matter is dealt under these three sections: (a) Acyclic phosphazenes; (b) Cyclophosphazenes (c) Polyphosphazenes and related polymers. These compounds have various applications ranging from catalysis to materials. These applications, where relevant, are dealt with the individual sections, rather than in a separate section. This chapter reviews the literature published in the calendar year 2018.

The synthesis of the lithium salt [(tBuNPNtBu)Li TMEDA] (TMEDA: tetramethyl ethylene diamine) 1 was accomplished by the thermolysis of [PhP(NHtBu)(NtBu)] Li(TMEDA) in toluene. This leads to a cleavage of the P–C bond and the formation of 1.1  Alternatively, 1 could also be prepared by the 1 : 1 reaction of nBuLi with cis-[(tBuNP)2(tBuNH)2]. The synthetic utility of 1 was demonstrated by the formation of a tin derivative 2.1 


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