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Since coffee started its Journey from Africa through the world more than thousand years ago so much knowledge has evolved around it. The unveiling of its chemical composition, the development of new agricultural and industrial technologies, the study of its physiological effects and so forth came to reveal coffee's enormous hidden potential both for flavor and health. In spite of currently being one of the most studied and consumed beverages in the world, it keeps surprising us with new flavor novelties and health properties.

These books are far from containing all that is known about coffee, which would be an impossible task, but they contains a good compilation of the most important technological and scientific data produced to date involving production, chemistry, quality and health implications. The handpicked authors are experienced scientists in their respective fields, with their post graduate students, and industry/market professionals. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of them immensely for their precious contribution to making good quality scientific and technical knowledge available to academics and the general public. We tried to deliver this complex knowledge in a way that anyone can understand or at least have a good idea of the coffee world.

Adriana Farah

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