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Now you have read this book, you may be interested in considering a career in the field.

Generally, a cosmetic scientist will have completed a science degree at university, either directly relating to cosmetics or in another discipline such as chemistry, biology or pharmaceutical chemistry. One very well known cosmetic scientist started with a degree in nuclear physics!

There are other pathways – cosmetic scientists can start by joining the industry with pre-degree qualifications and, gaining experience along the way, work through the career ladder, possibly completing a degree or a diploma in cosmetic science (the Society of Cosmetic Scientists runs a Diploma in Cosmetic Science course, accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry). There are many different career paths within the cosmetic industry and, almost without exception, these will require working in teams with a range of scientific expertise. Some of the main functions where qualifications in science generally or cosmetic science specifically can be an advantage include the following:

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