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Steve Barton

A skin biologist who, after more than 13 years’ experience in academia, moved to the cosmetic industry 30 years ago, first with Boots UK and later Oriflame. Steve now consults on skin-care formulation design, claims testing and product communication. He has published widely and contributed to working groups on cosmetic claims with UK and European industry bodies. He is a Past President and Fellow of the SCS and formerly ‘Practitioner in Residence’ at the University of the Arts, London.

Tony Causer

Tony is Operations Director of Adina Cosmetic Ingredients Ltd – a technically focused distributor of personal care actives in the UK market. He began his career in the beauty industry when he was 17, starting in production, making creams and lotions, and then progressing to formulating as a chemist.

Paul Cornwell

Paul is a technical consultant and business development manager for TRI Princeton, a leading cosmetic science research institute based in New Jersey, USA. Paul is a qualified pharmacist and experienced cosmetic chemist with over 23 years’ experience working in the cosmetics industry, where he has developed an extensive knowledge of hair biology, hair fibre science and hair product science.

Virginie Daniau

After many years in the fragrance industry, working with Quest and Givaudan, Virginie is an Independent Fragrance Specialist. She has acquired extensive knowledge of this fascinating world, having developed successful fragrances for many top brands. Virginie retains a passion for perfumes and continues to share her wide experience with large corporations and private customers.

Pauline Dubois

Pauline qualified as a chemist specializing in formulation. For the past 10 years she has worked in her native France and the UK developing her skills in make-up and colour cosmetics. She is now a Senior Cosmetic Chemist working for C&R Packers in New Zealand.

Allan Eastham

Allan has had over 30 years’ experience in the cosmetic industry, specializing in the past with soaps and detergents. In more recent times he has been a Cosmetic Safety Assessor with SGS and is now Technical Manager for Cosmarida with a more diverse specialization in self-tanning products and hair colourants. Diplomas in Quality Assurance and Packaging have helped him gain a good insight into the cosmetics industry.

Amanda Isom

Amanda is currently Regulatory Affairs Associate Director with Bloom Regulatory. Previously she worked as Compliance Manager for the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) and has also held the position of Honorary Education Secretary for the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (2019–2020). Amanda has over 20 years' experience in the regulation of cosmetic products and related areas, knowledge that she shares with others as an author and examiner for the SCS Diploma in cosmetic science.

Stephen Kirk

Stephen is a highly qualified cosmetic regulatory professional with more than 20 years’ experience working for Boots UK. His experience of New Product Development and prototyping has involved work with developers in Europe and the Far East. This expertise, and his background in toxicology, have been invaluable in his work with CTPA, Cosmetics Europe and dermatologists on various regulatory issues. He is founder and owner of SK-CRS consultancy.

Jasmine Lim

Jasmine has an MSc in Cosmetic Science from the University of the Arts, London. After time in the fragrance and flavour industry, she joined the Good Housekeeping Institute. Here she carries out independent assessments of products, combining consumer feedback with laboratory testing, to find the best products on the market. Passionate about consumer education, she writes review articles for the Good Housekeeping magazine and website to help clarify the myths and misconceptions surrounding cosmetics.

Stephen Mason

Steve joined GSK Consumer Healthcare in 2005 as Medical Director for Sensodyne. Originally a PhD chemist, he has been a respected member of the oral health research community for almost 30 years, previously at Colgate Palmolive, Quintiles and Hill Top Research. He is a member of ORCA (European Organisation for Caries Research), IADR (International Association for Dental Research) and EADPH (European Association of Dental Public Health). Steve has published over 40 oral health research papers and conference presentations, many on the design, performance and benefits of oral healthcare products on consumers’/patients’ quality of life.

Denise McLaverty

Denise has spent a number of years in the fragrance industry working with IFF and then as an independent consultant at Robertet. She has an MSc in Chemical Research and is passionate about the value of science education. Denise is an active member of the SCS Council and is currently Chair of the ‘Scrub Up On Science’ programme for 11–16-year-old students. This uses cosmetic science to illustrate some practical applications of the school science curriculum.

Emma Meredith

Emma is Director-General of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA). As Director-General she is responsible for the strategic direction of CTPA and acts as the public voice of the Association. Emma is leading the Association's work focusing on the UK's exit from the EU, ‘Brexit’, and the future UK landscape, external stakeholder engagement and international relations. Emma is a pharmacist by profession.

Chris Metcalfe

Chris is Managing Director of Adina Cosmetic Ingredients Ltd – a UK distributor with a focus on active ingredients. He studied Business Studies at Sheffield Hallam University and went on to work in sales for a contract manufacturer of medical implants before joining Adina in 2011.

Robin Parker

Robin is the Technical Director of Acheson & Acheson, now part of The Hut Group, a UK manufacturer of premium skin-care products and toiletries. Robin began his career as a formulator with Max Factor and has subsequently worked with a number of UK-based contract manufacturers developing and supplying products to most of the UK's high-street retailers and many well-known brands. Robin is a Past President of the SCS and currently sits on two of the CTPA committees.

Rachael Polowyj

Rachael graduated from the University of the Arts, London, with an MSc in Cosmetic Science and presented her thesis as a poster at the International Federation of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) Congress, Munich, 2018. She is a keen freelance beauty writer, focusing on trends and ingredients. Rachael currently works as an Account Manager for IMCD UK Ltd.

Eleanor Roberts

Eleanor's research at King's College London (KCL) and The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA, USA, was originally into neuroimmunology. In 2005, a love of writing led her into a career as a medical/science writer. Writing for numerous companies, academic institutions and charities in the healthcare sector, Eleanor explored a wide range of biosciences. Her interest in dentistry and cosmetic science arose through working with KCL's London Dental Institute. She developed an ongoing collaboration with GSK Consumer Healthcare and a fascination with the chemistry of teeth and oral care. Eleanor is a member of the Association of British Science Writers.

Nichola Roberts

Nichola is a Senior Laboratory Technician at Acheson & Acheson, now part of The Hut Group. Nichola graduated with a master's degree in Cosmetic Science from the University of the Arts, London, in 2018. Since graduating, Nichola has been working within the innovation team at Acheson & Acheson, utilizing the latest trends and technologies to develop bespoke products for a variety of skin-care brands.

Edward Rolls

Ed has broad experience in many areas of the cosmetic industry, working for contract manufacturers, raw material manufacturers and distributors. With more than 15 years’ experience in formulation, manufacturing and sales, his speciality areas are natural body care, prestige and budget skin care and surfactants.

Yi Ling Soong

Yi Ling has built up an extensive knowledge of product development and formulating, with over 6 years of experience. She joined The Body Shop as a Product Development Technologist in 2020 and was previously working as a Senior Development Chemist at Orean Personal Care Ltd, a contract manufacturer. She achieved a 1st class degree in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science and completed the SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science with Distinction, and was also awarded the SPC Prize for Best Essay in 2017.

Claire Summers

Claire is Technical Development Manager at Azelis Life Sciences, where she is responsible for the UK personal care laboratory. With over 25 years’ experience in developing colour products, Claire shares this knowledge by contributing to the SCS Diploma course by being a member of the Education Committee of the SCS, as well as lecturing on the MSc in Cosmetic Science course at the University of the Arts, London.

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