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Interesting dibenzobarrelene derivatives incorporating a 1-phosphinoxido- or 1-thiophosphino-1,3-butadiene moiety were described and their photophysical properties studied (Fig. 1).1 

Four new di(hydroperoxy)cycloalkane adducts were synthesized and characterized (Fig. 2).2 

A series of α,β-unsaturated phosphine oxides was converted to the corresponding sulfides by reaction with the Lawesson's reagent (Scheme 1).3 

Alkaline hydrolysis of aryltriphenylphosphonium bromides is a good method for the synthesis of aryl-diphenylphosphine oxides with electron-donating substituents (Scheme 2/(1)). Aryl-diphenylphosphine oxides with electron-withdrawing substituents were prepared by another method involving the quaternization of methyl-diphenylphosphine or benzyl-diphenylphosphine with aryl bromides, followed by the Wittig reaction of the onium salt so obtained with an arylaldehyde. In this case, not the olefinic compound, but the diphenyl-arylphosphine oxide is the desired product (Scheme 2/(2)).4 

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