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This chapter covers the compound class of chalcogen heterocycles containing other main group elements. The scope of this chapter is to present recent developments in the synthetic protocols, reactivity, and structure of selected chalcogen heterocycles with the p-block elements of groups 13, 14, and 15. The main focus is on the heavy chalcogens selenium and tellurium. Heterocycles containing chalcogens as sole heteroatoms and transition metals containing chalcogen heterocycles are covered in different chapters of this book. For a more comprehensive overview of chalcogen heterocycles we recommend recently published reviews and books.1–9 

Amongst the first reported chalcogen heterocycles containing group 13 elements were pentamethylcyclopentadienylaluminium and -gallium chalcogenides with a cubane structure of the type [Cp*ECh]4 (E = Al, Ga; Ch = Se, Te; Cp* = Me5C5)10,11  as well as the dimeric [Me3N(H)Al(μ-Ch)]2 possessing a 4-membered Al2Ch2 core (Ch = Se, Te).12 

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