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In the present investigation, an attempt was made to isolate starch from jackfruit seed and acetylation of starch and utilize it as a rate control polymer to design controlled release of the zidovudine. Starch was isolated from jackfruit seeds through alkali extraction processes and evaluated for its physicochemical properties and phytochemical tests. Zidovudine was prepared using the controlled release tablets were prepared by using direct compression method. The jack fruit seed starch has shown good physical, phytochemical properties, and good flow properties. The prepared zidovudine tablet formulations were found to be stable according to the Indian Pharmacopoeia-specified limits for evaluation parameters like weight variation, hardness, friability, and in vitro drug release studies. From in vitro dissolution studies, it was observed that formulations F3 containing 6% w/w of alkali extracted starch showed control release of the drug for 24 h when compared to the other formulations. The drug release from the tablet was found to be zero order drug release with R2 value of and the drug release mechanism was found to be non fickian diffusion. The tablets prepared from jackfruit seed starch as rate controlling polymer were found to be suitable for preparation of controlled release tablet.

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