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The present study aims to find the potential of glyceryl monoolein cubosomes as lipid nanocarriers to enhance the efficiency of oral delivery of montelukast sodium. Increasing the solubility of the drug, as cubosomes have great potential to incorporate poorly water-soluble drugs in the lipid bilayer part of their structure in solubilized form thereby enhancing its bioavailability. Controlling the release rate of drug, as cubosomes are more suitable for controlled release of drug due to their small pore size of 5-10nm and the interaction of hydrophobic environment of the cubic structure present in cubosomes with the drug. The size of cubosomal particles generally is in the range of 10-500nm, this along with the lipophilic nature of the vesicular systems aids in the lymphatic absorption thus surpassing the first pass metabolism and increasing the oral bioavailability. Montelukast sodium loaded cubosomes are formulated using central composite design and characterized using % drug content, % transmittance, % entrapment efficiency, in vitro and ex vivo evaluation.

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