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Polysaccharides are most sustainable building blocks with improved characteristics for formulation of superporous hydrogels (SPH). Present research work emphasis on development and optimization of tablets comprising vanillin crosslinked chitosan/polycarbophil (CVP) SPH hybrids for regulated drug delivery. The formulation of CVP SPH hybrids were prepared using microwave irradiation with different concentrations of chitosan (polymer), vanillin (crosslinking agent) and polycarbophil (hybrid agent). Resultant formulation was subjected to FTIR, DSC, TGA, SEM and NMR characterization. Prepared CVP hybrids were powdered and blended with other excipients to formulate CVP tablets using wet granulation technique. These tablets were formulated and systematically optimized using Box Behnken design (BBD). Optimized CVP tablets were assessed for its pre-and post-compression parameters. FTIR, DSC, TGA and NMR studies showed formation of newer bonds due to interactions between the chitosan, vanillin and polycarbophil. SEM images revealed highly interconnected porous structure. BBD successfully provided the significant value for the quadratic model and second order polynomial equation was plotted. Optimized CVP tablets complied with pharmacopeial specifications for hardness, friability and weight variation. Optimized CVP tablets also revealed potential swelling characteristics with chitosan promoting swelling at pH 1 to 4 and polycarbophil at pH 4 to 8 with overall swelling ratio of 17.6531±0.1134 and 21.7031± 0.0791 respectively. Overall, the current study signifies that the optimized CVP tablets can be successfully formulated by BBD and employed for regulated delivery of drugs to the GI tract, buccal cavity, colon, vaginal, and rectal region for both local and systemic action.

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