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Telmisartan belongs to BCS Class II drug and needs enhancement in dissolution rate. The main objective of the study is to produce rapid dissolving tablets of telmisartan by complexation with β-cyclodextrin (βCD) and by using solid dispersions of MCC, Starch 1500, PEG 4000, Primojel and Mannitol. Telmisartan tablets with fast dissolution characteristics employing βCD were prepared using 32 factorial design and were prepared by direct compression method. Dissolution of Telmisartan from the βCD complexes was rapid and higher when compared to Telmisartan pure drug and with different carriers. Hence βCD(1:3M) ratio was chosen for formulation of tablets by 32 factorial study. Tablets each carrying 20mg of telmisartan were prepared employing βCD(1:3M) using Sodium starch glycolate and Crospovidone as super disintegrants by direct compression method. The tablet powder blends in each case possess excellent flow characteristics suitable for direct compression. All tablets prepared met I.P disintegration time specification of uncoated tablets. Factorial design was used in formulation of tablets. The 3 levels of factor X1 (Crospovidone) are at the concentration of 3%, 4%, 5%,3 levels of factor X2 (Primojel) are at the concentration of 3%, 4%, 5%. (% with respect to the avg weight of the tablet, i.e. 250mg) were taken as the rationale for the design of telmisartan fast dissolving tablet preparation. The conclusion can be drawn that increasing the superdisintegrant amount causes the dosage form’s disintegration time to decrease, and the drug release pattern can be altered by choosing right levels of superdisintegrant.

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