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The present study was aimed at formulating and evaluating of controlled release tablets of Minocycline HCl using different polymers (guar gum, Xanthun gum and HPMC K100) at different proportions. The formulated controlled release tablets were evaluated for organoleptic properties and in vitro dissolution rate and then compared for optimum drug releasing formulation. The results of the in vitro drug release showed that the formulation containing Xanthun gum (1:1.5) has a zero-order drug release over a period of 24 h. In case of formulations containing guar gum and HPMCK100 the release of drug was found to be dependent on the relative proportions of guar gum and HPMCK100 used in matrix tablet. The in vitro analysis then further supported with in vivo studies, as well as, improving patient compliance. The drug release from the matrix occurred by combination of two mechanisms, diffusion of drug from tablet matrix and erosion of tablet surface, which was reflected from Higuchi’s model.

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