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Advantages of herbal medicine in disease control, prevention, health promotion, and extending one’s life span humanizing quality of life are increasing. Their safety is the primary consideration criterion for being used by the people. Herbal medicines often used either in combination or in extract from plants, which differ in organisms, growing conditions, and biologically active constituents. Literature review corroborated their management for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties and a few to remedy pain. This investigation was focused on the development of anti-inflammatory formulation ointment exploiting Moringa leaves and its evaluation. A cream was formulated using propylene glycol and stearyl alcohol as excipients. Cream evaluation was done for physical appearance, pH, thermal stability, and spreadability. Further, accelerated stability studies, microbiological studies, and irritancy tests were also performed. The prepared formulation yielded has a good physical appearance, palatability, optimal pH, and safer skin with good spreadability properties. Stability at altered conditions indicated no chances of infection.

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