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Protective activity of methanolic extract of Biophytum whole plant and lycopene in carbon tetra chloride (CCl4) induced liver toxicity in Wistar male rats was investigated in the present study. A dose of 0.1 ml kg-1 body weight of CCl4 was given through i.p route for 14 days for induction of hepatotoxicity in rats. The methanolic extract of Biophytum veldkampii whole plant (200 mg kg-1) and in combination with lycopene (50 mg kg-1) was given to the experimental animals for 14 days. The hepatoprotective activity was evaluated by estimation of liver biomarkers like SGOT, SGPT, ALP, TB, TP, total cholesterol and antioxidants like SOD, catalase, GSH and MDA levels. Histopathological examination of liver was also performed. Both the extracts significantly decreased the levels of liver markers and increased the amount of SOD, catalase, GSH. Histopathological studies showed that the extracts have ameliorated the CCl4 induced necrosis of liver. Results of the present study indicated that the treatment of methanolic extract of Biophytum veldkampii whole plant and in combination with lycopene to rats, significantly protected the CCl4 induced hepatotoxicity.

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