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In this study, drug use patterns among lactating mothers were examined. A drug that is safe to take during pregnancy might not be safe for the nursing infant. All medications must be administered with the utmost care because many medications taken by breastfeeding mothers end up in breast milk. The main objective of this study is to ensure safety and rationality of medications prescribed during breastfeeding. A three-month cross-sectional observational study was done on the prescription trends in breastfeeding mothers. The Dr. Hale's Lactation Risk Category was used to assess each prescription based on the socio-demographic traits and risk categories of the drugs taken. The 60 study participants used a total of 364 different drugs. This cross-sectional study concluded that sample population primarily utilized medicines in categories L1 followed by L2, L3, L4 and L5 with L4 being the least frequently used and L5 drugs being not found. With a few notable exceptions, the drug usage pattern is relatively rational. During lactation, doctors were worried about giving safer medications and had greater faith in evidence-based medicine.

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