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We wish to thank our friends, family members, and colleagues who encouraged us to create this book, “Drug Discovery for Schizophrenia”. We have carefully included some of the most important directions in the field of schizophrenia, and are thankful to all contributors, who generously dedicated their time to create their chapters.

This book was motivated by our desire – and that of all the contributors – to further understand the mechanisms of schizophrenia and envision future research on this mental disorder at multiple levels; from epigenetics, genetics, neurochemistry, neuroimmunology, and animal models to opto-/chemo-genetics or protein–protein interactions. Personally, the main motivation was the wish to help Dr John Roder’s son, Nathan, who suffers from this mental disorder and who was diagnosed in his final year of secondary school.

Hopefully, our scientific attempts will ultimately lead to effective treatments for this complex brain disorder. We believe that consistent analyses of new findings in the field of schizophrenia will benefit psychiatric neuroscience to unlock this complex brain puzzle.

Tatiana V. Lipina and John C. Roder

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