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Ultrafiltration membrane technology was used successfully in minimizing the TOC (Total Organic Carbon) level from Jaderia-Baghdad from river raw water and achieving an average removal value of 76.3% while in the conventional drinking water treatment plant the average removal value was 58.5%. For trihalomethanes (THMs) the maximum observed value was 35 µg/l after the ultrafiltration unit which was better than the maximum value measured in the Jaderia conventional drinking water treatment plant of 58 µg/l. Both of these results are less than the acceptance levels (80 µg/l according to the USEPA). Also, high values 44, 42 and 43 µg/l were measured in Al Sadeer City, Al Karaada and Al Jaderia respectively, mostly because these areas were using a different source of water supply that needs more attention from Iraqi authorities in the mayoralty of Baghdad.

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