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The food industry is an important sector of the international business community, with food safety and food quality playing a vital role in maintaining profitability. Traditional thermal processing techniques have been used for generations to maintain a safe, nutritious food supply that is acceptable to consumers. However, increasing energy costs and the desire to purchase ‘green,’ environmentally responsible products have been the stimulus to develop alternative technologies. Furthermore, processing at high temperatures may cause food quality loss, which can be avoided by many alternative processing methods. This book is intended to provide food industrialists, professional academics and graduate students with a review of major alternative technology that could be used commercially to reduce energy costs while maintaining food safety and quality.

There continues to be increasing general concern regarding climate change and energy use, with additional food industry concerns regarding production costs and food safety regulation. Therefore, this second edition is a timely update of the value and commercial importance of alternative food technology research. The introductory chapter highlights the importance of evaluating new technology by sustainability assessment through life cycle analysis, which is a valuable new addition. This is followed by an update of the international legal developments that affect emerging processing methods, with subsequent chapters discussing and evaluating specific technologies. The authors have all made significant contributions to their field and are well qualified to comment on the value and significance of innovative green food processing methods. It is hoped that this book will serve as an introduction to those interested in gaining an understanding of the history and current developments in various ‘green’ alternative food processing methods, their potential for commercialization and role in the future of the food industry.

Andrew Proctor

University of Arkansas

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