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Aromatic Interactions

Frontiers in Knowledge and Application

Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry

Series Editors:

Professor Philip Gale, University of Southampton, UK

Professor Jonathan Steed, Durham University, UK

Titles in this Series:

1: Cyclophanes

2: Calixarenes

3: Crown Ethers and Cryptands

4: Container Molecules and Their Guests

5: Membranes and Molecular Assemblies: The Synkinetic Approach

6: Calixarenes Revisited

7: Self-assembly in Supramolecular Systems

8: Anion Receptor Chemistry

9: Boronic Acids in Saccharide Recognition

10: Calixarenes: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

11: Polymeric and Self Assembled Hydrogels: From Fundamental Understanding to Applications

12: Molecular Logic-based Computation

13: Supramolecular Systems in Biomedical Fields

14: Synthetic Receptors for Biomolecules: Design Principles and Applications

15: Polyrotaxane and Slide-Ring Materials

16: Boron: Sensing, Synthesis and Supramolecular Self-Assembly

17: Porous Polymers: Design, Synthesis and Applications

18: Pillararenes

19: Supramolecular Chemistry at Surfaces

20: Aromatic Interactions: Frontiers in Knowledge and Application

How to obtain future titles on publication:

A standing order plan is available for this series. A standing order will bring delivery of each new volume immediately on publication.

For further information please contact:

Book Sales Department, Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WF, UK

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Aromatic Interactions

Frontiers in Knowledge and Application

Edited by

Darren W. Johnson

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Fraser Hof

University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada




Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry No. 20

Print ISBN: 978-1-78262-417-2

PDF eISBN: 978-1-78262-662-6

EPUB eISBN: 978-1-78262-959-7

ISSN: 1368-8642

A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library

© The Royal Society of Chemistry 2017

All rights reserved

Apart from fair dealing for the purposes of research for non-commercial purposes or for private study, criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and the Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003, this publication may not be reproduced, stored or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission in writing of The Royal Society of Chemistry or the copyright owner, or in the case of reproduction in accordance with the terms of licences issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency in the UK, or in accordance with the terms of the licences issued by the appropriate Reproduction Rights Organization outside the UK. Enquiries concerning reproduction outside the terms stated here should be sent to The Royal Society of Chemistry at the address printed on this page.

The RSC is not responsible for individual opinions expressed in this work.

The authors have sought to locate owners of all reproduced material not in their own possession and trust that no copyrights have been inadvertently infringed.

Published by The Royal Society of Chemistry,

Thomas Graham House, Science Park, Milton Road,

Cambridge CB4 0WF, UK

Registered Charity Number 207890

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Printed in the United Kingdom by CPI Group (UK) Ltd, Croydon, CR0 4YY, UK

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