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This book is about a topic that has been known for many decades. However, it has become extremely popular only during the last two decades. We do not know what the reason is—maybe the very successful association with the purity and cleanliness of the lotus. However, we are happy it happened, since it is a challenging as well as rewarding topic, both theoretically and practically.

This book attempts to cover the whole spectrum, from the theoretical fundamentals to the practical applications of non-wettable surfaces. Although thousands of papers have been published, mainly on various production methods, many pieces of the puzzle are still missing. The most obvious missing part is the problem of long-term durability, which may be the main reason why superhydrophobic consumer products are not yet common. There are also some differences of opinion with regard to theoretical aspects, and even terminology. We very much hope that this book will be not only a source of knowledge, but also a catalyst for future development.

Robin Ras

Abraham Marmur

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