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This chapter provides recommendations for the application of the general principles and specific rules set out in the preceding chapters sections applied to a wide variety of classes of compounds. Hydrocarbons that are named substitutively only by the prefix mode and formed by substituting parent hydrides with substituents derived from other parent hydrides and by characteristic groups that are never identified by suffixes used as prefixes are discussed in P-61. The compound classes of amines and imines are described in P-62. Alcohols and other hydroxy compounds, ethers, peroxols, peroxides, ketones, heterones, pseudoketones and their chalcogen analogues are found in P-63 and P-64. Acids, acid halides and pseudohalides, esters, anhydrides, and salts are in P-65. Amides, imides, hydrazides, amidines, amidrazones, hydrazidines, and amidoximes (amide oximes), nitriles, aldehydes, and chalcogen analogues, where appropriate are covered in P-66. Nomenclature of organic derivatives of noncarbon acids, their functional replacement analogues, and functional derivatives is given in P-78. Nomenclature of organic compounds of the group 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 elements not included in Sections 62-67 is found in P-68. Nomenclature for organometallic compounds is given in P-69.

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