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This chapter deals with parent structures for natural products and related compounds and their derivatives. Preferred IUPAC names (PINs) are not identified for the compounds in this chapter. The choice between a semisystematic name and a systematic name will be made in cooperation with the IUPAC-IUBMB Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature and will appear in a future publication. Some guidelines for the formation of biologically based trivial names are noted. Semisystematic names for parent structures of alkaloids, steroids, terpenes, carotenes, corrinoids, tetrapyrroles, and similar compounds are given along with accepted rules for skeletal modifications of these parent structures, replacement of skeletal atoms, the addition of rings and ring systems, and the modification of the degree of hydrogenation. Some aspects of configurational specification are also noted. Nomenclature for carbohydrates, amino acids and peptides, cyclitols, nucleosides and nucleotides, and the nomenclature of lipids are summarized.

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