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In the seven years since the first edition was published, the distilled spirits and whisky industries continue to develop apace. For instance, in the USA alone there are now more than 1800 active distilleries with almost every State represented, many making their own whisky in a variety of styles. Alongside the arrival of so many entrants into the market (currently assisted by a temporary 80% reduction in Federal excise tax for craft producers), product and process innovations are evident, with significant exploration of accelerated ageing being a potentially fundamental step change in practice. Elsewhere round the world new distilleries are appearing in the most unexpected of locations – North Korea being the most recent example!

Additionally, many companies are acknowledging the value of their co-product streams, not just from a financial perspective but also recognizing the need to boost – and be seen to boost – green credentials in an industry where the greatest production by volume is co-product.

With this in mind we have undertaken a gentle and timely revision of the initial text, clarifying various points where needed and expanding this overview to include specific consideration of accelerated maturation and co-products. The increasing globalization of whisky has not gone unnoticed and we have attempted to capture the recent developments in this new edition.

We are excited to see how whisky will develop over the next decade. We hope that this book will give the reader a solid and unexpurgated insight into all aspects of global whisky production.

Ian Buxton and Paul S. Hughes

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