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A large number of individuals were directly or indirectly involved in the production of this book. First, I'd like to thank Janet Freshwater at the Royal Society of Chemistry for her patience and continuing aid in preparing this manuscript and those of the previous editions. A number of my former students, including, but not limited to, M. Ashton-Patton, J. Carpenter, J. Coon, S. Chatlani, L. Downie, C. Gressler, C. Heckle, M. Heslin, P. Higby, J. Jewell, J. Kohli, J. Lapp, B. Marcheschi, P. McGinnis, M. Miller, and J. Noonan produced data used in the figures and discussion in this book. Critical review of the text and suggestions for improvements have been provided by both former students (E. Birtch, S. Chatlani, B. Larrabee, M. Miller, D. Rapp, F. Raszewski, J. Villone) and professional colleagues (R. K. Brow, H. Jain, S. W. Martin, R. E. Youngman). I would also like to thank my daughter, Cleo VanDyke, for her support and encouragement throughout the preparation of this and prior editions. Finally, I would like to thank Alfred University for providing me with the forum for developing the ideas expressed here.

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