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Since writing the 3rd edition of this book, some 10 years ago, the major change in explosives has been the impact of the environmental legislation. Greener explosives and propellants are being developed which have less toxic reactants and products. There is also a drive to synthesise and manufacture explosives in a smarter way which uses technologies such as continuous flow nitration, resonant acoustic mixing and additive manufacturing. All of these areas are covered in this 4th edition together with information on hazard testing and recent developments such as co-crystallisation, nano-explosives and high energy density explosives (HEDMs). The properties of newly developed explosives have been updated using a variety of sources. In writing this edition I have taken information from books and journals, and I would like to thank those authors whom I have drawn upon in preparing this edition.

I have written this edition during the COVID-19 pandemic which has changed all of our lives. Over 4 million people world-wide have died from this virus and we are moving into an unknown future. I have also lost my husband Shahriar who was always there to support and encourage me. But out of sadness does come happiness and I am lucky to have met my husband Ervin who has given me a reason to live and embrace life again.

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