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Chemical Biology

The Chemical Biology Series is a new venture that aims to provide a comprehensive suite of reference books on developing areas at the interface of chemistry and biology. Chapters written and edited by experts worldwide will introduce practical aspects and best methods, will explain the fundamental chemistry knowledge, and will provide forward-looking perspectives. Ultimately, the series aims to aid postgraduate students and researchers apply chemical tools and understand current challenges in the field. The books will provide a valuable reference for scientists working outside their own area of current expertise or looking to engage in chemical biology research. Coverage will include topics such as analytical and computational tools, chemical probes, imaging, glycosciences, genomics and transcriptomics, chemical genetics and gene editing tools, and aspects of synthetic biology.

Series DOI: 10.1039/2055-1983; Print ISSN: 2055-1975; Electronic ISSN: 2055-1983

Kira J Weissman; University of Lorraine, France

Series Editors
Sarah Slavoff; Yale University, USA
Eriko Takano; University of Manchester, UK
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